How Can Job Agencies Toronto Help?

You may have come across the term recruitment agencies while searching for a job or trying to fill a vacancy in your company. Well, placement agencies, staffing companies, and employment agencies. Aren’t they one and the same? Well, it is definitely time to find out the answers.

Recruitment Agency: What is it?

Simply put they happen to be external sources that find the right employees for an organization. In short, they do the recruitment on behalf of a company. However, you should not confuse it with terms such as employment agencies or job agencies Toronto though. While the recruitment agencies recruit an employee who is in the payroll of the company, an employment agency becomes the employer who pays the salary to the candidate taken in as an employee.

Reasons for employers to engage recruitment agencies

The process of recruitment is usually time consuming with employers having to go through hundreds of resumes literally before they can find a handful of good fits. Delegating the responsibility to an agency will help them to find good candidates without having to spend several days trying to hire the right candidates. The total process beginning from sourcing the candidates to short listing them and forwarding the resumes for an interview is taken over by the agencies that save the employer important man hours.

The Procedure

The staff associated with the job agencies Toronto are given the lowdown about each vacancy along with the requirements needed in an employee. The agencies take notes of all the important factors pertaining to the requirement and place adverts in various job boards. They often go through their own database as well and network with other agencies in the location for sourcing the resumes.

However, you would often be unable to find the name of the actual company included in a job board. The agencies do not reveal the names because they do not want to forgo their recruiting fee by allowing a prospective employee to directly get in touch with the concerned company.

The recruitment agencies then take the process forward by sending a few of the shortlisted resumes to the employer without divulging the contact details. This is yet another method commonly employed by diverse agencies to ensure being paid by the employer.

Rest assured, no quality agency will actually distort your details and edit your resume without informing you.

Should you contact an agency?

While it is always a good idea to avoid middlemen, you may find it difficult to contact an employer directly for a job. Hence asking job agencies Toronto to help you out is an accepted norm especially when you have a few years of experience and are looking for better opportunities in your specific field.

Sure, a lot of companies do not share a good rapport with the agencies and may often be apprehensive of parting with the required fee for recruitment. Yet, there are definitely a few agencies that are approved and endorsed by their clients who give them repeat orders for filling their vacancies regularly.

Love them or hate them, the companies simply cannot do without the agencies while the opposite also happens to be true.

How to choose a recruitment agency?

  • It might be an excellent idea to check the accreditation of an agency before registering with them.
  • However, you may find one or several agencies being used repeatedly by a company. This indicates a mutual respect for each other and means that the concerned agency is good at its work along with being trustworthy.
  • Employers, on the other hand, do not favor agencies that resort to the policy of push sell. They do not appreciate the agencies that forward unrelated resumes without being asked to do so.
  • It would be effective to inquire closely and find out whether the agency is a ‘preferred supplier’ for a particular employer. You can safely forward your CV if the answer is in affirmative as the employer will go through your resume if it happens to be forwarded by an agency that they endorse.