About your work while writing on the wall

Are you willing to fight for your career?

On the other hand, if this is your dream job, this is your chance to fight for it. If your superior didn’t give you an answer to make you feel that your job is safe due to your performance, ask them what you can do to improve the situation. If needed, schedule a separate meeting with your boss and go in willing to accept feedback and suggestions. Decide on a reasonable time frame for implementing improvements and set a follow-up appointment. Do your best to fit into the office culture and show you want to be a part of the company. This may include staying after hours, going to work early or being more dedicated and positive about your work. Ask a trusted co-worker for their honest opinion as to how you currently fit in with the office culture and what changes you could make.

Are you sure your job is on the line?

Are you just being paranoid or is your job actually in danger? There is a difference between needing to step up your performance after one bad project outcome and regularly performing poorly. There is also a difference between a few office cutbacks and being told that the company is going to merge with another one. In either case, don’t just go on hearsay from people on your team. The easiest way to find out facts is to ask your superiors. Schedule a meeting with your boss and ask him directly if your job is in danger. If he doesn’t give you an answer that makes you feel confident, it’s time to ask yourself the next question.

Is this your dream job or is it just paying the bills?

 How you feel about your job will help you to decide what your next steps will be. If you aren’t in love with your job or career, this may provide an opportunity you have been avoiding or putting off. In simple terms, it is time to move on. It will be much better for your job search to say you left your last position than to say you were fired from your last position. Saying you were fired usually raises red flags for hiring managers. So if the signs are clear that your job is coming to an end, update your resume, put some feelers out with your professional network and start the job hunt. Most managers will appreciate that an employee leaves willingly instead of having to be fired. And in most cases, the hardship that comes with being fired isn’t worth any small benefits you may get from it